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A Little About Us

Welcome to our website!

Boardway Games is a new and upcoming family run Company bringing to the game market innovative and exciting new concepts in family fun.

We pride ourselves in promoting British industry by using only British manufacturers for our product components. This helps us to ensure we supply only top quality hand finished products to our customers.

A Brief Introduction To 4 Point

If you enjoy playing abstract strategy games 4 POINT is the game for you.

4 POINT has been designed through meticulous play testing to offer a challenging and fun game for players of age 6 and upwards.

4 POINT is a 2 player game with a simple yet intriguing grid layout on the acrylic playing surface that marks out 60 potential squares.
Every line intersection has a junction point and playing on these junctions with their markers, both players attempt to be the first to secure all 4 corner points of any one of the marked squares to win.
Game time can be as short as 30 seconds or as long as 30 minutes so have fun and square 'em up!

Where To Find Our Games

4 POINT is currently available through Etsy

How To Contact Us

You can contact us through Facebook or direct by email at

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